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When IS the best time to take your family portraits?

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Uncategorized / February 1, 2022

When is the best time to take your family portraits?

When is a good time to give your family special memories to cherish forever?

Well, that’s a good question, I hear you say. But I’ll share with you my recent discovery. I realised that when routine is running and there’s no half terms, no holidays, no fun occasions…. That’s when we need to spice life up a little. So many of our clients have said that this was like a family day out, where the children and the parents enjoyed the experience.

“Photoshoots are so stressful’ I hear you say. I know how many of you have had stressful experiences at family photoshoots, I don’t blame you. When you have to choose the clothing, do up the kids’ hair, have them well fed, not even daring to think how much time mum had to glam herself up to look her best for the portraits. And then getting to the session and then the kids feel the stress and they begin to act up…. BUT NO!

Now I’m here to say that there is no room for unwanted stress in our studio and that’s exactly why we include all this in our Limelight ultimate experience. We not only want to avoid the stress, we want you to feel pampered and relaxed, just like you deserve to feel on a special day. We hold your hand through the entire process.

We start by seeing what colours and style will best match your home. Then we go on to select the best clothing to complement your preferred style. At the session, mum is treated to a full makeover as well as hair stylist for mum and children. When I photograph the children, the parents are usually sitting on the sofas watching the session unfold, except for when they’re being photographed too. We aim to make it positive and calm and the children even said they want to come back.

So if you think of a portrait session being stressful, I’d say it’s time to get a taster of the Limelight experience, you won’t look back.

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