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Hi, I’m Leah!

Thank you for your interest in my work and Welcome!

As a mother, I get to experience the joys and challenges that motherhood comes along with. While life is hectic, I feel lucky to watch my children’s love and care for one another, it’s priceless!!!


Each child has a special charm and beauty from within and photographing children in an artistic way has helped me realize that its through the eyes of a child that you can capture connection, a child’s innocence as well as boost their self worth. 

My Work

It’s like a pat on the back and encouragement to keep us  going especially when the going gets tough. Their new born stage flies by so quickly and suddenly they’re walking, talking, and running through life’s stages so fast! 

Do we get a moment to sit back and appreciate all that??

Do we get a moment to say thank you for my precious gifts of life??

We could. How you ask? By gifting yourself a family portrait session where the goal is to make every family member feel validated  and capture the harmony in your family. And best of all, you’ll get to hang that on your living room wall where you can get that reminder even on the most hectic days.

Its through photography that I learnt the most important lesson about us mothers; The value of meaningful experiences that get captured and displayed, as a constant reminder of the real beauty in raising your family. 

It’s a moment that’s gone, but a feeling that you get to keep forever.

This is exactly what I aim to achieve for each of my clients! 

It’s these images that stare right back at you, Images that show the unique beauty of your child, and the close bond of your family.

Please explore my site and if my work speaks to you, I would love to hear from you! Feel free to contact me to discuss a custom portrait experience for you and your family.

portrait photographer north London