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Before my baby was born, I booked in a session with Limelight, I was so excited about it, until it came to the night before the session, where I felt ill, exhausted and didn’t really have the patience to get my whole family dressed and ready for a photoshoot. But, having the session booked, I pushed myself to go because I knew that I’ll appreciate it later.

But from the moment we stepped into the studio, I felt like a queen, from the food, to the make up artist, to the hair stylist, to the atmosphere, to the big space and the couches there It was a dream. I was there a whole day, treated with lunch, coffee, chocolates. I came out and I had more strength for my baby.

And the pictures are so beautiful, my baby Is almost 1 year and I still look at the album everyday. The professionalism, the perfection and the kindness is something you cant find anywhere else. I would highly recommend anyone to go to Limelight for a ‘post-natal therapy’ I would call it.

Chavi Reiss

As a make up artist, I have the wonderful opportunity to glam up Limelight’s wonderful clients for a portrait shoot.

The welcome was warm and gracious with hot/cold beverages and a refreshing snacks station! The ambience throughout was calm and fun! Was exciting and Leah goes the extra mile to make her clients and all of us, so comfortable.

It’s a true treat and pleasure for me to be a part in making others shine!


From the moment we walked into your studio we felt cherished and respected. As my daughter later said “Leah made me feel cuter than I realised I was”

I havent seen my images yet, but I cant’t wait to see what you captured through your lense because if it was anything similar to the way you made us feel then I know we’re gonna love it and appreciate the experience every time we see the images on our wall.

As a mother, I thank you for opening my eyes to the beauty of my children. You helped me see that on another level.

Mirelle Moskowitz

From the moment I booked my session at Limelight Portrait I knew I had made the right choice. Leah took the time to understand what style photos I was hoping to achieve and then helped me choose the correct outfits to match the vision. She is a true artist and that is evident throughout her work.  On the day her calmness and soft spoken manner encouraged my very fussy 1 year old to relax and even manage a smile! The results were perfect and I had an incredibly difficult time choosing – each portrait was a masterpiece that I would have been happy to display in my home. She managed to capture feelings through a lens.

I’m looking forward to have another opportunity to do a session at Limelight Portrait.

Etty Hager

Going to limelight was an experience I didn’t expect. After giving birth to my first baby I got just what I needed: I was pampered with a full makeover, Calm atmosphere, and a pressure free session with unrestricted time.

I received The professional pictures I dreamed of all those moths prior presented in a creatively designed album and wrapped in such a presentable way, it made it so exciting.

My husband, Myself and baby were so calm and relaxed, it was a pleasure every minute that we were there.

Chani Vizel

(So much to tell about you and yet I don’t know how best to put them in words)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I don’t know how best to express my thankfulness to you. What can I say about you? I am extremely lucky to have found you – the Best Photographer.

Leah is a perfectionist. She won’t stop until she gets exactly what she is looking for. She is patient, very understanding and very sensitive with newborns. She puts her whole heart to the sessions to achieve the best outcome.

She has been taking pictures of my family and now my newborn. Till this date, she keeps taking amazing pictures of us and especially my sons, and I always keep looking at these pictures and still cannot get over how perfect they are!

I know that whenever a milestone and a special occasion is approaching, Leah will always be there, ready for us.

I can’t say enough… just that she’s the best!!!

Zehra Tamkan

A Fantastic Experience

The calm and gentle manner in which Leah handles her clients creates a unique atmosphere, that generates warmth and fun, and just an all over relaxed setting. She knew how to get my moody 7yr old to cooperate, and the results are breathtaking! Leah captures the true essence of every soul! She brings out the best in each character, her charm and flair for matching colours and background props was stunning! From helping us choose the clothing prior to our session, to setting us up, she was so helpful in every way!

We had a post wedding shoot( tiredness too but that wasn’t a problem with Leah!!!) : gowns+all! Our hair/wig and make up was professionally applied and styled, adding to the festive ambience she wanted to recreate! Soothing background music, scented diffusers, happiness from within, I can only look back with fondness at the time spent in Limelight Studio!

Can’t wait to return for more!

I cherish the time we spent together and the photos I love to look at, as a brilliant reminder of quality and professionalism coming together as one fab package deal!

Nechama lamm

I had been following Limelight Photography for a while as I absolutely love Leah’s portraits, especially her focus on a child’s innocence through their eyes. I continuously  postponed booking a photoshoot because I never knew when would be the ‘right time’. I later learned that it’s always the right time with Limelight!

I was a bit nervous about my daughter playing up, but Leah spent time getting to know her before the photoshoot leaving me pleasantly surprised at how cooperative she was.

The atmosphere during the photoshoot was really calm – something I wasn’t expecting at all. Leah was so friendly  throughout, maintaining control and keeping my children entertained, focused and cooperative.

When going to choose my masterpieces, I can confidently say that she did not make it an easy task. Leah was really honest and did a fantastic job in helping during the process of elimination.

Leah has captured memories that show our toddler’s personality and what it’s like to be around her at this age as well as her loving relationship with her younger brother.  We will forever cherish these and we will be back in time

Miri Cohen